Miguel Desiderio

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Full Stack Web Developer
  • Residence:
    Costa Rica
  • Nationality:
    Proudly Filipino
  • City:
  • Age:
Adobe After Effect - Adobe Premiere Pro
CRM Skillset
  • Frontend Frameworks , Backend Technologies
  • Testing/Debugging
  • Web Performance Optimization, SEO Basics
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Security Best Practices
  • GIT knowledge

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Web Developer - Miguel Desiderio

Miguel Desiderio is a experienced web developer with spanning 4 years in web and 7 in hardware. Specializing in iOS & Android app development, advancing skills in 2024. 🖥️

Uncover the brilliance of my
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Years Experience Software and Hardware
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I am an enthusiastic backend developer based in Costa Rica and the Philippines, with a wealth of experience spanning over 4 years in web development and 7 years in hardware and computer networks. In the current year, 2024, I have started undertaking both online courses and a degree program to specialize in native app development for iOS and Android platforms.

Hello there! Before talking about qualifications and professional abilities, I would like to introduce myself

I am Miguel Desiderio, and I am from the Philippines. Choosing web development and software application development as my profession not only fulfills my pocket but also my heart because it has been my passion since my early teenage years.

I believe that people should pursue activities in which they excel or that resonate with their hearts.

My Services

Web Development

If you are looking for a developer who’ll take over the research and development of your website, I am a well-established professional to help you with this.

UI/UX Design

An effective UI/UX is what captures attention and spreads a clear message. I make sure the design is innovative and neat with all of this.


If you are looking for a user-friendly app that will attract more mobile users, I can help you design and build a platform with the latest and trendiest look and feel.


Boost your online presence with our SEO expertise! Tailored strategies elevate your site's visibility, driving organic traffic and top rankings. Unlock your website's full potential and stay ahead of the competition!

Video Animation

My service creates eye-catching visuals that tell your story with creativity and impact. Whether it's explaining complex ideas or making your brand shine, we turn concepts into captivating videos that grab attention and engage your audience.

CRM Management

Maximize your business potential with my tailored CRM management. I organize, customize, and optimize your system for efficiency. Empower your team to nurture leads and drive growth while I handle your CRM.

Price Plans

Starter Price
$ 12 hour *
  • Ui Design
  • Basic Web Development
    (Any static website - HTML / CSS)
  • Logo design
  • Dynamic Website
  • SEO optimization
  • Website integration
Hire me
* Free only when ordering paid services
Full Time
$ 34 hour
  • Ui Design
  • Advance Web Development 
    (E-commerce - Booking System)
    (Dynamic Website Solutions)
  • Logo design
  • SEO optimization
  • Website integration
Hire me
Custom Web Development
$ hour
  • Everything you need
Lets Talk
Custom Design and Animation
$ hour
  • Everything you need
Lets Talk
Custom Service
$ hour
  • Everything you need
Lets Talk


Paula Reyes
Paula Reyes
Certified Client

Working with Miguel has been a pleasure. Better yet - I alerted them of a minor issue before going to sleep. The issue was fixed the next morning. I couldn't ask for better support. Thank you Miguel! This is easily a 5 star freelancer / Upwork.

Angela Miller
Angela Miller
Certified Client

Partnering with Miguel has been exceptional! I raised a minor concern late in the day, and by the next morning, it was resolved promptly. His support is top-notch—I couldn't be more satisfied. Huge thanks to Miguel! He truly exemplifies a standout freelancer on Upwork.

AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson
Certified Client

Collaborating with Miguel has been an incredible experience! Not only did I mention a small problem before bedtime, but it was also completely resolved the next morning. His impeccable support and quick response surpassed all expectations

Blaine Makenzi
Blaine Makenzi
Certified Client

Hiring Miguel on website creation has been exceptional! I shared a specific vision, and within a day, it was expertly brought to life. Miguel's seamless support and swift action exceeded expectations. A big shoutout to Miguel! He's truly a standout in website creation services.


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